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The Vitality Center

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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At THE VITALITY CENTER, we anchor to basic principles and disciplines of Applied Functional Science.  These everyday fundamental principles lead to the development of specific strategies of assessing how your body reacts and adapts to gravity, ground reaction, mass and momentum for individual driven tasks (your needs).  In addition to these basics, we take into consideration that humans are three dimensional beings and we all have a movement threshold.  We view each person from a real-life standpoint, not an isolated anatomical or symptomatic perspective.  Each of us moves and subconsciously reacts to forces differently, depending on age, athleticism, height, weight, strength and many other factors.  Knowing this, nearly all traditional, isolated exercises that we have been exposed to in a traditional gym or “work out” setting can be dysfunctional or even damaging to the human body.  Most of these exercises were designed for bodybuilding, isolating specific muscles to “scream” – or over react.  Our goal at The Vitality Center is to condition the body and muscles to “sing” in harmony as one synchronized unit – the way it was designed to function. With our body treatments and movement programs, we restore, maintain and improve your body’s health and performance.  We look forward to meeting you for an evaluation and getting you set for your own personalized program to a healthier and more vital body.



DYLAN WALKERHead Therapist

Dylan grew up in La Canada playing sports his whole life.  It was through the injuries developed through those sports that he came to appreciate the human body and all it is capable of doing.  It was also through those injuries that he came across this business in the first place, as a client himself.  He went through the whole process as a client throughout his high school career as well as through playing Division I collegiate volleyball at the University of the Pacific.  It was there he started studying sports medicine and diving deeper into how the body functions.  Throughout his summers off as well as after college, he started mentoring under Matt Labosco, the previous owner of The Vitality Center.  He took some time to go through massage therapy school and taking other various courses such as a Functional Science and Movement certification and starting the process of taking A.R.T.(Active Release Technique) courses.  Then, after 2 years of working and studying under Matt, he took over the business and is excited about helping people discover the same amazing things the body is capable of through keeping the system moving that he discovered back in high school.

ARMANDO MACIASMassage Therapist

Armando discovered his interest in athletic performance while participating in collegiate track and field. Under the training of former Olympian, Denean Hill and current Olympian, Lashinda Demus, Armando developed a deep understanding of muscular anatomy and body mechanics. He studied Kinesiology at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita and graduated from the National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy. He continued his education in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and currently specializes in pain management and trigger point therapy.

Trigger points are small, hypersensitive nodules in the muscle that can be caused by injuries, overstretched muscles, repetitive over-use of muscles, or any contusion to a muscle. They are usually found in a neuromuscular junction (point where nerve ending attaches to muscle) and cause pain/discomfort and prevent muscles from performing at optimal level. This neuromuscular dysfunction can also cause symptoms such as numbness and tingling and are often times misdiagnosed for other chronic issues. Armando provides therapeutic massage to alleviate such symptoms and helps the body facilitate muscle recovery. 

Expert Treatment

Beautifully designed to accommodate everything from treatment tables and training equipment to enough open space for indoor work, the facility serves a variety of patients from pediatrics and athletes to those recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic pain.

  • Using the tools and techniques presented, you will see the patterns that dwell deep within the three aspects of the mind

  • Access your peace of mind at will

  • In Mental Mastery, you begin to define your vision for life, and understand how the inner workings of your mind determine your daily experience.


Our Values

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Our qualified and experienced staff strive to provide every patient with excellent clinical experience.

At The Vitality Center, our vision is to assist our patients in relieving pain, promoting strength and movement, and returning our patients to their maximum level of physical function. It is very important to us that our patients are treated with respect and friendliness in a professional and caring environment.

Our licensed therapists create specialized programs to help lead you through your recovery. You will be guided through a personalized treatment program that will progress appropriately with your injury in mind.



“I’ve seen Dylan several times over the past year & have been very happy with the results.  I saw him for some wrist pain which has diminished significantly since I first saw him.  Sometimes it hurt, but it was worth it.  You can tell that he is invested in what he does. He wants the best for you and it shows.  Not only does he take care of the problem, but shows exercises that will prevent future flare ups.  Thanks Dylan, great work!

“I am a coach at Team CrossFit Academy and I am so grateful to have found this gem. Their unique methods and integrity are unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced in this industry, and I have been to a lot of places for treatment, from physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. it’s so hard to find a place who really knows what their doing and will give you an approach and treatment that I can guarantee you’ve never see before. They know how to address the root of the problem! Shoulders, back problems, knees, etc. You could also work with the owner Matt on Stress, Emotional health, and Spirituality, he is the real deal!! Don’t wait! Just go meet them!”

” The environment at the Vitality center is very welcoming. The staff treats you as if you were part of their family and will go to any extent to get you back on your feet”

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